Why Stop Now?

We’ve made it this far. What’s holding us back?

Who am I to you?

I am someone who has been living my life without “purpose” purposefully. Let me explain; After deciding that college was not for me. I began to reevaluate who I thought I was- mind you, I was only 19. In essence, I believed that this new path would mean that I had to recreate myself from the ground up. Even though I was very much enthused by the idea of leading an unbeaten path, I also thought that a degree was the only way to prevent homelessness and starvation. Yes, dramatic doesn’t even explain the half of it.

Thankfully, I was able to reason with my melodramatic mind and reach the conclusion that I am exactly who I want to be. Purposefully living without a “purpose”- only because I had NO IDEA what my purpose was. This point leads to the reason why I am here and who I wish to be for you.

I wish to be an outlet for stories, a safe space for questions, and an ongoing experience to fulfill the need to connect and find your purpose through reading and expanding on topics I experience throughout my day to day life – which tend to be more dramatic than I care to admit. Hopefully I can provide an experience of learning through and then appreciating obstacles and misfortunes in our lives.

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